Thursday, July 28, 2011

About the Debt Ceiling

What they are NOT telling us about the Borrowing Limit (aka Debt Ceiling);

The Debt ceiling is getting Lower every day because of inflation.

Today the Debt ceiling is 14.3 Trillion US$ or 303.4 thousand tons of Gold.

Last year, 2010, in June the Debt ceiling was 12.4 trillion US$ or 336.1 thousand tons of Gold.

So when measured in Gold the debt ceiling has fallen since last year by 32 thousand tons of Gold.

Why do I get the impression I'm hitting the upper atmosphere on a de-orbit without a heat shield?

US Borrowing Limit POSTULATE


The DEBT Ceiling OR Borrowing limit is irrelevant.


The USA CAN NOT Borrow any more money.

Witness the following observation (AND MATH);

Last Years Calculation

Last year, that's right One Year Ago, the national debt was equivalent to 352,242.3 tons of GOLD. More gold than the entire production of the world since we first started digging the little gold flecks out of the sand.

TODAY, the National Debt is only worth 303,378.91 tons of GOLD. A drop of 48.9 thousand tons and now in range of total worldwide estimated gold ever mined.

The Postulate is that; "WE CAN NEVER BORROW MORE MONEY THAN THERE ACTUALLY IS". The laws of physics prevent it and there is an actual physical limit beyond witch we can't go.

Lets talk about this on the golf course with speaker Boehner and president Obama.


National Debt per GoldPrice
GoldPrice = US$ 1615.30 / troyounce = 51933.101 US$ / kg
NationalDebt = 14293065510000 US$

14293065510000 US$ / 51933.101 US$ / kg
= 275220.72 thousand kg
‎= 303378.91 ton of gold

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Whats in a gram (part II Gold)

I just did a quick back of the envelope calculation I was curious about;

Washington State Debt

6 Billion US$
325,240 lbs gold
162.6 tons gold

Or an 8 ft diameter sphere of solid gold

Federal Debt

13 Trillion (+/- a few Billion) US$
352,242.3 tons of gold

Or a 103.6 ft diameter sphere of gold

And an interesting observation;

In the entire history of humanity it is estimated that the total amount of gold ever mined is 343,000 tons of gold. That's 20 million years of mining the stuff AND ITS 10,000 tons less than the amount of DEBT we have.

I'll email you numbers if you want to check my figures. I used the recent record high for the price of gold of $1,260/troy ounce.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jill England 36th District Legislature

Professional Experience

Software Designer/Engineer; Creating software for private industry and State of Washington DOAG, DSHS, Seattle DOJ, Federal Public Health Service


Bachelor of Science Computer Information Systems University of Puget Sound 1984


$6.2 Billion dollars in the red and Olympia can’t cut spending. That’s $931 for every person. Next year will be higher with pensions still unfunded. It’s time to bring common sense back to our state.

  • I believe in improving our education system by giving teachers more autonomy.

  • I'll cut wasteful spending.

  • I’ll not ignore the people’s tax initiatives.

  • I’ll reduce business manufacturing bureaucracy that is driving jobs from our state.

  • I'm against the income tax initiative because it does not eliminate other taxes such as sales tax and we know it will eventually be applied to all state citizens.

Help me restore fiscal responsibility to our state!
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

VFR not recommended ...

Preflght, on arrival do not fly over the cylindrical building at the end of runway eight. Contact Portland Approach for Mandatory Advisory 119.0 before PDX airspace. VFR not recommended due to low ceilings en-route.

Walls within walls and the brick in this wall is round.
Walls soft and hard,
My destination surrounded, controlled,
The sky gray, covered.
Before me this cover touched the hills, impenetrable.
Over the hills my destination lay.
Decisively, ninety degrees right I turned
So I would go West instead of South,
And dodge,
And weave,
Below and then above,
Looking for the door I knew was there,
Rechecking, always feeling something was left undone,
Around the storm and hills I flew
To the valley of the great western river called Columbia,
Through the valley I approached the Metropolis,
Listening as Pearson weather crackled to life through the static,
I contacted the controller,
Who instructed, ordered, requested,
I stay below her airspace,
And I ducked below the limit,
And was then too low to easily see my destination,
Then I saw the round brick,
The cylindrical tower of apartments
I had been told to avoid,
Marking the end of the runway and my destination.
I turned, I flared and landed with the wind.

Inspired by flight from Harvey to Pearson Field June 2010
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Civil Life

The current crisis of conservatism in America is of dire concern for all of us. Bottomless debt, the end of the ideals, end of freedom, and end of the promise of a better life looms above our necks as the proverbial sword of Damocles, while we squirm on the block struggling against all hope for a reprieve.
Many have feared these days were coming. Back in 1970's the incredible debt and inflation of the era put fear into many. But the problem never got better. Except for a brief respite in the 1980's government has grown more powerful, more intrusive, and more irresponsible at a logarithmically increasing rate.
Today many of our own neighbors will tell us, yes the end of America as we knew it is at hand and yes the totalitarianists are at our very gates but, let it come, it's not so different than what we have now, and we will find a way to live under their rule.
Shame on them! Shame on Americans who would not support freedom and Shame on us for not speaking out against this among our own friends. For these phony Americans will not find some benign dictator in the wave of oppression that is to come. They will find the most brutal despots, those without a true religion, without a true civil government and who destroy all hope of families to succeed on even the most basic of levels. They will be but slaves in their masters empire.
For these despots do not believe in individuals striving to make themselves better people, they seek absolute control through the application of violence against the governed, and they despise the notion of the basic union of one man and one woman to form a functional family unit and as the basis of an individually rewarding and enduring society.
A True Religion,
A True Civil Government,
A True Domestic Life
These are the foundations of America. These are the principles our founding fathers attempted to protect when they codified the Federal Government. These are the principles we have not lived up to in the last 100 years, and the punishment for not living up to these ideals is coming down upon our heads and we must admit that we justly deserve it.
Before we can win our fight against the Marxists we must recognize our own personal failings in these areas and we must not suffer that lies spoken against these ideals be uttered unchallenged.
In the arena of a True Religion, we must allow that a true religion requires that every individual admit their faults, and recognize that they can and must strive to personally improve, not by their own judgment but in the eyes of their creator. This is and underpinning assumption of our society, that the individual can better himself not just financially but also spiritually.
In the arena of a True Civil Government, we must never rule by the sword, that is never rule by murder. The Turks ruled by murder in the 15 through 17 hundreds. This was paralleled by the papacy and Spain ruling by murder during the Spanish inquisition. In the Americas of this time the colonists terrorized their populations and burned “witches” at the stake. Criminal gangs employ rule by the sword, murdering their rivals and civil authorities. Immediately you should think that these incidents are not on the same scale, but they are on the same scale in the heart. Once you choose that path you are a murderer and it’s only a matter of your price which will get larger every day as you attempt to maintain and extend your power. It can start small with simple trials and over year’s blossom into a full fledged murdering witch-hunt-inquisition; McCarthy trials, sex predator or child abuse accusations on false evidence, drug busts by swat teams in the middle of the night on false warrants. We must never as individuals allow ourselves to participate in or abide such atrocities and methods of governing. Rule by the sword in all of its manifestations is evil and must be resisted with every ounce of our humanity.
In the arena of a True Domestic Life, we must all recognize that the ideal and in fact only self sufficient renewable unit of society is a family formed by the union of one man and one woman with their own children. Other societies despise the idea of monogamous marriage. These societies do not respect the woman in society and treat her as though she were one of many slaves. Our own society both Europe and America seeks to establish homosexual marriage as an equal or even superior union to monogamous marriage. A homosexual marriage is not self sustaining and can never be a building block for any culture that wishes to grow and be prosperous for the long term. In fact these 'marriages' do just the opposite, they cause a culture to diminish in its values, and it's people to diminish in their numbers, over time. Because this is such an emotional topic let me add that members of the same sex can form mutually supportive agreements or unions for them to live to together and support each other. This will never be the same as a family unit which creates and educates their own children and I believe that every person can see this perspective if they stop for a moment and are self reflective. 'Gay Marriage' however is a diversion from other very real perversions that have been instilled upon domestic life in America in the last 100 years. The government has increasingly subverted the family by supporting unlimited abortions, extortive child support permitting 'mothers' to raise children without fathers, omnipotent state imposed ‘Child Support Services’ bureaucracies that operate by inflexible rules and arbitrarily destroy families in their children’s name. Worst of all is welfare which undermines the families’ right to raise their own children. The Federal Governments intrusion into religion, family values, and subsequent destruction of a true social life defies an adjective.

In all three areas we have failed miserably both individually and as a society. The root of the failing of the others is our failure in the first. We must have a belief that our creator wishes that we be a better people and we daily strive each individually to improve ourselves in his eyes. To work in concert with natural laws, each love and protect our fellow man, and each of us recognize our individual faults that we may be better people tomorrow. This is the fundamental principle of a 'True Religion'. This is the fundamental foundation of a free people. If we can once again find this in ourselves we may also find that the will and strength to resist tyranny has again been restored within us
We can hardly hope to prevail against false religions, governments, and domestic living when we refuse to recognize, admit, and correct our own failings, our own sins. This is as true today as it was five hundred, or a thousand years ago.
I draw inspiration for this post from Martin Luther in 1528.
See for a sumation or "LUTHER'S WORKS, vol. 46: 157-205 Revised translation by Robert C. Schultz.", also

Monday, March 02, 2009

Socialism is ...

Slavery is ownership and control of one person by another.

Socialism is ownership and control of all persons by the State.

Song For The Times;

Revolution 1, The Beatles [White Album] Disk 2