Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Game is Over ...

Yup, the big game is over. The Seahawks lost and I like so many others in Seattle really enjoyed watching the game, except for those parts where I wanted to run outside and throw up ...

Other than that it was a great game. Hope to watch it again next year.

The Mohamed 'bomb turban' political cartoons.

The west values free speech. I 'believe' that the bomb throwing violent Muslims who would kill, arson, threaten, and commit other violent crimes are just that extreme radicals and NOT the average peace loving Muslim.

I want to point out that Muslims have been putting Mohamed's image on things for centuries, primarily images of Mohamed sitting backwards on a donkey preaching to his followers. It is therefor hypocritical to go into violent sociopathic hysterics over a couple of cheesy political cartoons. By going bananas like this they have only 'proved' the cartoonists political/satirical, point by acting exactly like the comedic caricatures they claim to despise.

YaaaaHoo Superbowl today!

Our office building in Seattle Friday was "Crrrazy" for SeaHawks!

Here are a couple of images;

Goalposts made from Fedex boxes

 Here is a pan of the office as seen through the goal posts. (Talk about team spirit!)

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Steelers were not forgotten!

 Steelers fans were under represented but a few brave souls showed off their colors!
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The Office building owners supported by giving free cookies!

 Check out the cookie spread provided by the office building managers in the lobby for the whole building.
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Cookie Closeup!

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