Sunday, December 30, 2007

3D Color Anaglyph of Cascades, Mt. Phelps

This is the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. The rock standing up in the mid foreground left is Mt. Phelps and the peak in the background on the right is Mount Hinman on the north side of Snoqualmie pass. I believe that the peak in the center of the picture is Cashmere Mountain just west up the valley from Leavenworth. Cashmere Mt. is the furthest point visible in this picture and is the center of this anaglyph.

This picture taken from about 6000 ft on the south side of Tolt Reservoir looking south east.
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Global Warming Is Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria, also called collective hysteria, mass psychogenic illness, or collective obsessional behavior, is the sociopsychological phenomenon of the manifestation of the same or similar hysterical symptoms by more than one person.

A common manifestation of mass hysteria occurs when people believe they are suffering from a similar disease or ailment.[1]


The above definition of mass hysteria describes our collective frenzy of 'Global Warming'. We need to recognize Global Warming as the collective western psychosis it has become and think about what we are doing reasonably.

One of the symptoms of this psychosis is that collectively we don't recognize it as such.

Fortunately this hysteria has only infected the western world and most of the worlds population are insulated from it.


The picture is the partially flooded Snohomish river valley, near Duvall, after our recent annual flood last week .

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bellevue, Seattle, Olympics from the Cascades

On the way back from the mountains we saw Bellevue, Seattle, Bremerton (can't really make out anything of Bremerton) and the Olympic mountains. Both lake Sammamish and Lake Washington are visible in the picture. The tallest building in Seattle is the Bank of America building (formerly the Columbia tower on the left of the city. On the right of the city, the tall tower (with the ship behind it) is the Seattle Space Needle.

This shot makes the city seem awfully small.
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Cascades McClain Peaks

McClain Peaks are on the left, Mt. Phelps is on the right. We just had a major snow storm in the Cascades, followed by a heavy warm rain. Its frozen again today in these pictures with more snow expected tomorrow.
Here we are coming around the north side of McClain. Very steep terrain, cliffs, snow chutes etc.
Swinging around to the west side of the peaks.
Closest approach. This shot is very clear and quite a bit of detail can be seen. It would be a pretty serious technical climb to get up here with feet on the ground.
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sun Shines on Seattle

Sun shines on Seattle today. The flood I was concerned about on the Snohomish will not happen. The flood level not only will not be as bad as last year, it won't even be in the top ten.

I'm happy about that. Doesn't mean we won't get another storm. We typically have up to two a year.
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Monday, December 03, 2007

Storm 'Emergency' in Seattle ... Not!

Today our Gov. declared 'A State of Emergency' because of 'massive flooding, heavy rain, and high winds. Granted the wind was bad in some places but, it wasn't as bad as last year when parts of Seattle lost power for almost 4 days. The 'flooding' was bad with some local flash floods but, it wasn't as bad as last year when the Snohomish reached the tops of the levee's in, well the town of Snohomish though it may reach as high as last year again tomorrow, it's been much worse the recent past.

Frankly, if flooding and high winds happen every year in November and December its no longer an emergency its just another monsoon season in Seattle. By the way, we invite everyone to come visit us during monsoon season. We have great coffee and our favorite tour buses are recycled WWII amphibious trucks.

Come to Seattle during the monsoon and "Ride the Duck". We will leave the water fountains running for you. :)

It's not an 'Emergency'. Yes it is a bad storm but it happens every year. Relax already.
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