Monday, December 03, 2007

Storm 'Emergency' in Seattle ... Not!

Today our Gov. declared 'A State of Emergency' because of 'massive flooding, heavy rain, and high winds. Granted the wind was bad in some places but, it wasn't as bad as last year when parts of Seattle lost power for almost 4 days. The 'flooding' was bad with some local flash floods but, it wasn't as bad as last year when the Snohomish reached the tops of the levee's in, well the town of Snohomish though it may reach as high as last year again tomorrow, it's been much worse the recent past.

Frankly, if flooding and high winds happen every year in November and December its no longer an emergency its just another monsoon season in Seattle. By the way, we invite everyone to come visit us during monsoon season. We have great coffee and our favorite tour buses are recycled WWII amphibious trucks.

Come to Seattle during the monsoon and "Ride the Duck". We will leave the water fountains running for you. :)

It's not an 'Emergency'. Yes it is a bad storm but it happens every year. Relax already.
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