Monday, January 31, 2005

Regarding Blogging ...

Well, It's been about a month since I started attempting to "blog". Even with my software engineering experiance it's been more, umm, interesting than I thought. Essentially I'm trying to use the Google tools instead of publishing it via HTML and XSLT.

Though I have less control this way it's more accessable to other people so I can potentially teach them to use it and they don't need to maintain their own web server.

I've also started using the Google Picassa tool and Google's Hello.

Soo, Google I've a question?

When can I get my"Google This!" T-shirt? ;)

PS. Next I'm diving into the Google Web Services stuff which should provide endless hours of entertainment :)

Profile Photo Selection

I selected this picture taken in Aug. 2002 in Astoria Or. for a blog profile photo. Marsha was the photographer. Posted by Hello


This is Sunshine in January 2005. He's about 10 months old. He's named Sunshine after the spring equinox when he was born. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Regarding the Seattle "Anti Pocket Bike" law ...
Here is a picture of the type of "Pocket Bike Fun" the City of Seattle says you can't have. Just an FYI it belongs to the guy driving it but I thought it was pretty cute. This is in the parking lot of Seattle Ducatti. Posted by Hello

And a close up. Posted by Hello

... and the Seattle City council, noticing that someone had created something fun and new under the sun, and being the righteous GOD fearing organization that they are, decided that if GOD had wanted people to ride pocket bikes he would have said so ... somewhere.

Seeing as they have the other 90% of fun things illegal already, they want to snip this Pocket Bike thing in the bud right away.

SEATTLE: You may not ride pocket bikes on the road, on the sidewalk, on the trail, or in a parking lot, or anywhere except a designated place.

LITTLE_KID: Why not?

SEATTLE: Because the low profile makes it difficult for other drivers to see you.

LITTLE_KID: On a Trail? What are you talking about? And what about recumbent bikes they have the same low profile.

SEATTLE: GOD does not like you to have fun. Life is work and toil and suffering, not fun. Heaven is your reward for being good and you can have fun in Heaven.

LITTLE_KID: So can I ride my Pocket Bike in Heaven.

SEATTLE: GOD will not allow your pocket bike in Heaven, it is not of GOD.


And can you blame them.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Helen Wheels

Today I'm listening to Helen Wheels Rock!
She always will.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What is the Difference ...

What is the difference between;

  • I digest ...
  • I digress ...
  • I regress ...

  • Hmmmm ...

    Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    What is the Difference ...

    What is the difference between ...

  • A NSA Criminiologist and a
  • A NASA Climatologist ?

  • Just wondering ... ;)

    Monday, January 10, 2005

    The 60 Minute, 50 Caliber Terrorist

    I know 60 min is so like, last century, but they still surprise me when they omit information as to their bias on certain news stories. For example, yesterday (1/10/05) they did a story supporting a new gun control bill entitled 50 Caliber Terrorist where the derided the 50 caliber rifle and showed fat "red neck" guys (i.e. chubby guys in hunting fatigues) firing the gun rapidly from a standing position. (I guess showing red neck southerners is scarier than showing turbined Arabs, but alas, I editorialize ...)


  • This is obviously a hit piece to support another weapons ban,

  • 60 min FAILED to mention that this campaign is spearheaded by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY), Chair of the Task Force on Homeland Security for the House Democratic Caucus, (NY is a hot bed of gun rights as we all know),

  • You can’t fire a 50 cal rifle standing up, Arnold style, without exhausting yourself. I know, I've fired an AR15 from the standard standing, aiming, position and it is absolutely exhausting.

  • You can't aim the gun holding it at your waist so it is useless in that position; they did this simply because it looks scary,

  • They said you could buy illegal explosive ammo on the internet but, you actually can't. All such things, in the US at least, are either rip off scams or FBI stings.

  • They did mention that Gov. Arnold, just the guy you would expect to walk around with one of these things under their arm just banned them in CA.

  • Now who woulda thunk it? A republican who supports anti-gun legislation. Supprised? I'm not. Republicans are the largest group of anti-gun nuts there are. Hell, in the election the only prez candidate ever seen with a gun in their hands was Kerry, not George.

  • Lastly;

    I'd like to point out that in the hands of a Terrorist a simple box opener can bring down a skyscraper. It all has to do with the terrorist's murderous intent, and not, as the scare mongers try to make you believe, the weapon they are holding.

    At the range we call such weapons "Lonely guy guns". Usually ported by a short guy with no friends who brings a 'cannon' to the range fires it a couple of times and suddenly he is surrounded by 'friends' checking out his 'big' gun.

    Lonely guy guns ... not terrorist weapons.

    Now, lets talk about the 50 caliber pistol ... ;)

    Sunday, January 09, 2005

    Say it in Texan Please

    I just saw this article and couldn't stop laughing, especially after I read it out loud with a texas drawl ...

    Ya know that none of this is true but somehow millions of Muslims are dupped into believing it. I swear I just wish wackos in this country would stop rattling others cages. It doesnt make things any better.

    In case the art's been deleted before you read this it talks about a secret plan of the US to 'nuke mecca' if we get attacked by terrorists. Which is the most nutty accusation I can imagine, hell we won't even shoot bullets at a mosque full of "insurgents", let alone use a nuke on an entire relgious city.

    Wheeler is an inflamatory wacko!! IMHO.

    Yet there are many duped into believing him because fear helps to control them and makes them give their money in support of terrorist causes.