Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Regarding the Seattle "Anti Pocket Bike" law ...
Here is a picture of the type of "Pocket Bike Fun" the City of Seattle says you can't have. Just an FYI it belongs to the guy driving it but I thought it was pretty cute. This is in the parking lot of Seattle Ducatti. Posted by Hello

And a close up. Posted by Hello

... and the Seattle City council, noticing that someone had created something fun and new under the sun, and being the righteous GOD fearing organization that they are, decided that if GOD had wanted people to ride pocket bikes he would have said so ... somewhere.

Seeing as they have the other 90% of fun things illegal already, they want to snip this Pocket Bike thing in the bud right away.

SEATTLE: You may not ride pocket bikes on the road, on the sidewalk, on the trail, or in a parking lot, or anywhere except a designated place.

LITTLE_KID: Why not?

SEATTLE: Because the low profile makes it difficult for other drivers to see you.

LITTLE_KID: On a Trail? What are you talking about? And what about recumbent bikes they have the same low profile.

SEATTLE: GOD does not like you to have fun. Life is work and toil and suffering, not fun. Heaven is your reward for being good and you can have fun in Heaven.

LITTLE_KID: So can I ride my Pocket Bike in Heaven.

SEATTLE: GOD will not allow your pocket bike in Heaven, it is not of GOD.


And can you blame them.

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