Sunday, January 09, 2005

Say it in Texan Please

I just saw this article and couldn't stop laughing, especially after I read it out loud with a texas drawl ...

Ya know that none of this is true but somehow millions of Muslims are dupped into believing it. I swear I just wish wackos in this country would stop rattling others cages. It doesnt make things any better.

In case the art's been deleted before you read this it talks about a secret plan of the US to 'nuke mecca' if we get attacked by terrorists. Which is the most nutty accusation I can imagine, hell we won't even shoot bullets at a mosque full of "insurgents", let alone use a nuke on an entire relgious city.

Wheeler is an inflamatory wacko!! IMHO.

Yet there are many duped into believing him because fear helps to control them and makes them give their money in support of terrorist causes.

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