Friday, December 14, 2007

Global Warming Is Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria, also called collective hysteria, mass psychogenic illness, or collective obsessional behavior, is the sociopsychological phenomenon of the manifestation of the same or similar hysterical symptoms by more than one person.

A common manifestation of mass hysteria occurs when people believe they are suffering from a similar disease or ailment.[1]


The above definition of mass hysteria describes our collective frenzy of 'Global Warming'. We need to recognize Global Warming as the collective western psychosis it has become and think about what we are doing reasonably.

One of the symptoms of this psychosis is that collectively we don't recognize it as such.

Fortunately this hysteria has only infected the western world and most of the worlds population are insulated from it.


The picture is the partially flooded Snohomish river valley, near Duvall, after our recent annual flood last week .

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