Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Name that new State Contest !

Eastern Washington State legislatures introduced a bill to split Washington State into two states, Eastern and Western Washington. The easternites want out perceiving correctly that the "I5 Corridor" i.e. the urban part of the state, is consuming the lion’s share of tax money and imposing laws and taxes that hurt the rural part of the state. Ken Schram asked yesterday (in his editorial on Komo4 Seattle) what we would name the new state.

The Need To Secede

I'm thinking out of the box here but nothing says that it’s Eastern Washington that has to change their name. It makes more sense for Western Washington to change our name to Seattle. There is some precedence for this, consider for example New York, New York. We can be Seattle, Seattle. Just think of the simplicity; Tacoma, Seattle; Olympia, Seattle; Everett, Seattle; Bellingham, Seattle; West-Seattle, Seattle; etc. etc. Of course Seatac, Seattle is trebly redundant but they will just have to deal with it since they picked their stupid city name in the first place.

Eastern Washington can keep the name Washington. Seattleites don't particularly like the state name anyway.

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