Saturday, July 16, 2005

Washington State Gas Tax Revolt!

More than double! That's right, the gas tax repeal pulled more than double the required signatures in less time than EVER!! for a grass roots initiative. AND THEY didn't even use paid signature gatherers like most other petitions to get on the ballot.

Of course the one thing I noticed when I was much younger, those with the power will let almost anything slide UNLESS it interferes with their money flow. This most certainly does interfere with the money and tax revenues and the state will not let it go. They will just put the tax on again and they will hound the perceived "ring leaders" of this tax repeal to the ends of the earth. It's cost the big players in Washington a TON of dough and they wont stand for it.

And that's a fact. Don't get between a power broker and his money source or expect to get crushed when you do. Kirby Wilbur and company are going to get slapped down hard by the big machine ... its already started with a judge practically outlawing freedom of speech if its political in nature. ( Good thing I'm so passive ;) )

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