Thursday, September 29, 2005

Something Interesting For Google Earth fans

If you take a look at at the Google images of Wright-Patterson AFB where the Air Musuem is you can find a seeing eye chart for satalite photographs, vertical and horizontal bars for resolution and a gray scale chart. Specifically at N38 deg 36.3", West 84 deg 07.3" I'm guessing that the little arrows on the chart mark 1 meter resolution, also a guess that the Google Earth image is about 6 or 8 meter res. Interesting that the chart seems to go all the up to centimeter resolution levels. I ca'nt really tell if it goes beyond that.


Greybeard said...

Just came across your blog, checking for others with an interest in helicopters.

Isn't Google Earth neat? I have made the trip from L.A. to the Midwest several times in helicopters, and it's great to be able to check out my course through Google Earth!
Thanks for the suggestion about Wright-Pat......Take a look at the ramp at the airport at Deming, N.M..

I haven't had a chance to check out your posts yet....will do that as soon as I post this comment. Your picture reminds me of someone I was acquainted with 30 years ago...also was interested in Bikes and Helicopters. Her initials were G.F.
You could be her sister!
Whatever.....I'm glad I found you and will be checking in on ya now and then.

Greybeard said...

Hey Jill....
Please re-check your coordinates.
I think those you gave put ya somewhere between Cincinnati and Lexington, Ky..