Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Zune, I think I'll keep it.

The Zune ... I think I'll keep it.

Why? Well ...
  • I really like the interface. True there is not a spin click wheel like the ipod, the button in buttons gizmo works pretty well, and the menu velocity logarithmically increases when you hold the up or down for a second.
  • I like the minimalistic configuration options. Hell my grandmother could have operated the darn thing. Somehow the team managed to avoid the 'control-option' bloat that so many devices suffer from.
  • The screen is BIG, or at least bigger than the iPod. The larger the screen the easier it is to look at, Videos look better, controls are clearer, the Zune really takes advantage of it with the zooming background.
  • The background is customizeable with your own image. It's a little thing that I really apperciate.
  • I can still use iTunes for Podcasts, even video podcasts (a neat feature since MS isn't ready with that one yet.)
  • Believe it or not the MS Zune feels like the underdog vs. the Apple iPod juggernaut. I enjoy rooting for the underdog, there always seems to be more opportunity for something interesting. I went to a cheap Fred-Meyer near my house yesterday and their iPod display, with all the options was neatly stacked and there were loads of accessories on the entire row. The little Zune display took up two shelves in a display case that inculded other stuff including portable DVD players. Yep the Zune is definatly the underdog. I think they should combine the XBox and Zune displays since the products work together.
  • And hey, the thing has a decent FM tuner it it. It actually seems to be the best FM radio I've ever had.
Anyway I can always get an iPod if the Zune ever fails. Not much chance I'd ever own a Zune again, so I'll just keep this one and look forward to all the new stuff that MS will eventually release for it. The future is bright!


Desmond said...

Welcome to the Social! :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

This and the initial post is one of the best written, most objective evaluations I've read (on this subject).

You are clearly an intelligent person who analyses things carefully.

We (at home) used to have a 30G video Ipod but after numerous lockups and gripes with the wheel (we feel its imprecise), we returned it. When my brother tried my Zune for a couple of days, he was convinced. Using an ipod now, feels slightly dated.

Of course, when Apple makes their next move, things will surely get interesting.