Thursday, July 28, 2011

US Borrowing Limit POSTULATE


The DEBT Ceiling OR Borrowing limit is irrelevant.


The USA CAN NOT Borrow any more money.

Witness the following observation (AND MATH);

Last Years Calculation

Last year, that's right One Year Ago, the national debt was equivalent to 352,242.3 tons of GOLD. More gold than the entire production of the world since we first started digging the little gold flecks out of the sand.

TODAY, the National Debt is only worth 303,378.91 tons of GOLD. A drop of 48.9 thousand tons and now in range of total worldwide estimated gold ever mined.

The Postulate is that; "WE CAN NEVER BORROW MORE MONEY THAN THERE ACTUALLY IS". The laws of physics prevent it and there is an actual physical limit beyond witch we can't go.

Lets talk about this on the golf course with speaker Boehner and president Obama.


National Debt per GoldPrice
GoldPrice = US$ 1615.30 / troyounce = 51933.101 US$ / kg
NationalDebt = 14293065510000 US$

14293065510000 US$ / 51933.101 US$ / kg
= 275220.72 thousand kg
‎= 303378.91 ton of gold

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