Friday, June 18, 2010

Jill England 36th District Legislature

Professional Experience

Software Designer/Engineer; Creating software for private industry and State of Washington DOAG, DSHS, Seattle DOJ, Federal Public Health Service


Bachelor of Science Computer Information Systems University of Puget Sound 1984


$6.2 Billion dollars in the red and Olympia can’t cut spending. That’s $931 for every person. Next year will be higher with pensions still unfunded. It’s time to bring common sense back to our state.

  • I believe in improving our education system by giving teachers more autonomy.

  • I'll cut wasteful spending.

  • I’ll not ignore the people’s tax initiatives.

  • I’ll reduce business manufacturing bureaucracy that is driving jobs from our state.

  • I'm against the income tax initiative because it does not eliminate other taxes such as sales tax and we know it will eventually be applied to all state citizens.

Help me restore fiscal responsibility to our state!
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