Sunday, June 13, 2010

VFR not recommended ...

Preflght, on arrival do not fly over the cylindrical building at the end of runway eight. Contact Portland Approach for Mandatory Advisory 119.0 before PDX airspace. VFR not recommended due to low ceilings en-route.

Walls within walls and the brick in this wall is round.
Walls soft and hard,
My destination surrounded, controlled,
The sky gray, covered.
Before me this cover touched the hills, impenetrable.
Over the hills my destination lay.
Decisively, ninety degrees right I turned
So I would go West instead of South,
And dodge,
And weave,
Below and then above,
Looking for the door I knew was there,
Rechecking, always feeling something was left undone,
Around the storm and hills I flew
To the valley of the great western river called Columbia,
Through the valley I approached the Metropolis,
Listening as Pearson weather crackled to life through the static,
I contacted the controller,
Who instructed, ordered, requested,
I stay below her airspace,
And I ducked below the limit,
And was then too low to easily see my destination,
Then I saw the round brick,
The cylindrical tower of apartments
I had been told to avoid,
Marking the end of the runway and my destination.
I turned, I flared and landed with the wind.

Inspired by flight from Harvey to Pearson Field June 2010
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