Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mt. Pilchuck

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I realized last night that I took several image 'series' on Sunday that could be strung together for a wider angle view of Mt. Pilchuck. Even though individually most of the images have motion blur, when combined they make some impressive panoramas.

The image above is a wide angle (with fair distortion) of Mt. Pilchuck with the peek on the left and Bathtub Lakes on the right.

This second image is the back/east side of Pilchuck. Bathtub lakes are directly below the plane, the sadle is in the center and the north side of the mountain is visible on the right of the image

This is a good two image combination of 'Bathtub lakes' with low distortion. The dark smudge through the right half of the image is the pilot side vent window.
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