Saturday, November 17, 2007

St. Helens Glacier

The St. Helens Glacier. This is the glacier that has been growing on St. Helens since the eruption. It is in shadow most of the year. The temperature at 9500 feet this day was -10 C. about 12 F. If you compare this image with the image in Google Earth you can the the glaciers progressive growth. This picture is taken over the west crater rim looking east. The east crater wall is at the top of the image. The Glacier runs diagonally through the image from top right to lower left with the lava dome in the center right.

Interesting this glacier will be turned into a Lahar and sweep away the I5 bridges (likely) over the Toutle/Cowlitz river when the dome collapses. Every year more water is stored in this glacier and the future lahar gains more force.
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