Monday, November 26, 2007

Mt. Pilchuck on a Late November Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, when the fog lifted, and I'd preflighted everything I could get to, cleaned the oleo gear struts with WD40, washed off the bird dirt, and added 40 gallons of 100LL av-gas.
I soloed her out to Mt. Pilchuck. These are the now frozen 'Bathtub Lakes'.
Two valleys north of Pilchuck is 'Three Fingers'.
This is the saddle area of Pilchuck to the right and below are Bathtub
Lakes, to the top and left is the peak.
The flight to Philchuck took about 20 miniutes, climbing to 7000 ft. Returning to Everett took only eight miniutes using the descent and smooth air to cruise at 150mph.
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