Saturday, April 09, 2005

PA-160, Flying 50W!

I flew PA28-160 Nxx50W today. A nice surprise was that it is a PA-160, not a 140 so more power and payload. Filled her up to tabs put Marsha in the back seat flight instructor in the right seat. Left PAE to Useless Bay for some maneuvers. It was an aircraft checkout ride, 3 landings 1 full stop. Approach and takeoff stall practice, steep turns, radio practice, and pattern work.

It was fun. The most fun I've had in over 11 years, the last time I flew an airplane. I need to get my medical renewed and pilot license address corrected.

Things I did well;
  • Power on and takeoff

  • Heading rollouts

  • Stall recovery

  • Steep turns

Things that need work;
  • Instrument fixation

  • Airspeed maintenance on final

  • Takeoff heading drift

  • Cockpit paperwork managment

I'll get my paperwork organized and then do my bienial flight review (BFR). Then I'll have my wings again.

PS. I didn't get any pictures, I was otherwise occupied :)

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