Monday, April 04, 2005

Simple Music Theory 101

This is a blank pentagramic (word) music theory worksheet. The intersection of the circles with the edge of the center circle represent the 12 total notes of an octave. Select seven of them, in the pattern of 1x2x34x5x6x7 to select the notes of a scale.

I'll let you work out a couple of scales for yourself it's more fun that way :) You could try a C scale labeling the notes CxDxEFxGxAxB (replace the x's with the either sharp or flat notes of your choice.) A major chord is notes 1,3,5 of a scale. So you can compute the notes of any major or minor chord. When creating chords notice the notes direcly accross the circle from each other and notice how they change the chord sightly, try 1,4,6 or 7,3,5.

I'll practice some of these this week and come give some of my impressions. An interesting melody is found when playing the notes opposite each other i.e. 52631. It's not a conincidence that a pentegraphic scale coincides with drawing a pentegram over the circle.

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