Thursday, March 17, 2005


AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript + XML

Wow! I'm continuously impressed by how little chunks of technology find their way together to create seemingly new things. The biggest immediate problem with this approach for me right now is getting a good JavaScript debugging tool. I'm sure there is one out there, FireFox might have built in better JavaScript checking than MIE. I'll have to check.

In the meantime dust off those JavaScript O'Reilly manuals and get to work!

Check out this Tech Ajax link ...

And this News Ajax link ...

PS. Industries where this technique may apply include older school industries such as Amazon, FedEx, Government Sites, Banks and others who don't want to invest large sums in third party enterprise developer and server software.

I may be optomistic but Microsoft will supply tools to support this type of programming later this year. MS’s JavaScript support is meager as far as my experience with it goes. I think MS would be foolish to fight this trend, though they did fight the internet browser trend in the beginning so I guess it's possible they would drag their feet here as well.

As an exercise imagine if you combined C#/.aspx with generating JavaScript AJAX stuff. It would require a couple of new meta-commands I guess but it would theoretically make for an easy way to create AJAX applications without some of the difficulties currently present.

I don’t see it as a C# aspx or Java killer. However I do see it as a way to create very functional web apps without the overhead of a Java app server or an ISS .aspx server.

PPS. And I thought Ajax was a soap brand name ...

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