Saturday, March 05, 2005

Is BJ Shea a Closet Baptist Evangelist ?


I was listening to the Antarctic radio station last week

"A Net",

which was playing some calm jazz , bluesy countryesque tunes (play lists 2 and 3) and caught myself humming an old Baptist hymn that my grandmother used to sing.

Funny thing was I noticed that I was replacing all the hims in the song with her. As in "And she walks with me and she talks with me, and she tells me …".

Guess I’ m not terribly God fearing nor do I buy into the religious male domination propaganda, which I guess is why they call religious songs “Hymns” instead of “Her-emns”.

Merle Hagard "She Walks With Me".

BJ Shea, The Buzz, 100.7 FM Seattle:

This got me to thinking about BJ Shea‘s 107.7 The Buzz radio program in Seattle.

BJ Shea, The Buzz, 100.7 FM

His radio theme is “Talk show for guys”. He’s been on a theme recently which can be summed up as the following points:

  1. Religion just Wrong and Bad

  2. Male superiority over females

  3. Country Music and NASCAR the future
    (BJ wants to use country music as his bumper music.)

The Out of the Box connection:

Notice these themes are mutually exclusive;

  1. Religions support male superiority in society and lack of female rights. Lack of religious morals coupled with "feminization" of society is blamed for causing major societal problems.

  2. Country and Blues have their roots in Baptist Religious Hymns and continuously emphasize their religious affiliation.
    And again -> Merle Hagard "She Walks With Me". It's not the only example by far. I'm just lazy.

  3. NASCAR is just dripping in country music and hence religious themes.

Just wanted to point out that if BJ would support Jerry Faldwell’s and G.W.B.’s religious sentiments then he would be consistent with his male domination themes. I would contend you can’t have one without the other two.

“And she walks with me and she talks with me, and she tells me I’m her own …”

CLICK! to sing along but drop in her for all him's


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