Tuesday, March 08, 2005

USA is Missing the Mark on Gay Marriage

Ken's Editorial: Gay Marriage: A Matter Of Dignity

I agree with Ken Schram, like what he has said here, and he deserves nothing but props for the way he has said it, however there is a part of this he doesn't get. He can be excused I guess, as no one else seems to get it either.

Marriage is an ancient institution of tribes and religions, prescribing a duty of partners to each other and their family and formally bringing non kindred persons into a family. Marrige has always had everything to do with family property rights and inheritance protocols, but it has NOT always been a government institution. As usual the State has stepped in and muddied the stream so much with its lawmaking that everyone has forgotten the precepts and concepts of what marriage really is.

The state has passed further laws creating it's own definition of marrige superior to that of religions and imposing this definition upon ALL religions. They have absolutely no business in this and are in fact barred by/from doing so by the Constitution of the United States, i.e. The First Ammendment.

Do you want to protect marriage? Then get the government out of it. A marriage is a close personal union and partnership of two people who act as a family unit. If you want a church approval they may have more restrictions for their recongnition of a marriage . What marriage is not is a union of two people and a government nanny.

Governments don’t have the authority to allow or deny a couples marriage. Perhaps God does, but it sure as hell isn’t the Government.

Don't add another fix to marrige laws, abolish them.

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