Sunday, March 27, 2005

Burn Baby Burn! (Annual TWatt's)

Last year, 2004, the USA used 3,251 Tera Watt hours of electricity. That's a lot of juice!

That is equivalent to turning 287 lbs (130.2 kg) of matter into pure energy (e=mc^2)
OR it is equal to 2,795 Mega-Tons of TNT
OR 223,629 Hiroshima sized a-bombs!

To think we burn that much matter every year in our light bulbs and air conditioners.


To look at it another way it's over 3/4 lb mass-energy conversion per day
OR 7.7 Mega-Tons TNT per day
OR 612 Hiroshima's per day.

This does not count the fuel burn in transportation or the use of energy by other countries. The total energy used is at least quadruple the USA electric usage. That's over 1,200 lbs of mass to energy conversion per year!

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