Friday, March 25, 2005

More Problems with COMCAST Cable Modems

COMCAST is down again today after working perfectly for a day. They say they can't do anything about it till Sunday. Crappy service if you ask me. My regular dial-up ISP is never down for that long AND I can call them and get a straight answer about the problem.

Good thing COMCAST isn't a monopoly. They sure act like they are though.

I've turned my modem back on, Windows 2003 server just plugged the NAT traffic back thought it like it had never been turned off.

Perfect ... It's good to have seamless and redundant Internet connectivity working for your LAN. Damn, TCP/IP works just like ARPA designed it to work thirty years ago! I bet I'm one of very few households in Seattle with this redundancy capability.

Don't you just love a good piece of engineering!

PS. I like the Microsoft 2003 server! Works out of the box, very little hacking or configuration required.

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