Saturday, March 19, 2005

Can the first DIYBAK be very far behind?

DIYBAK = Acronym = "Do It Yourself Brain Augmentation Kit"

Cool article. I want one of these replicating - replicators!,

A TECH Art: The RepRap Project
A NEWS Art: Make-it-all Machine for Do-it-yourself Homeowners

Reminds me of a little post from back in the GNU heyday;

USENET: Date: 10 Apr 92 21:16:26 GMT

Subject: Re: Virtual reality, the brain, and high-speed modems.
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Apr 92 21:16:26 GMT

In article
<> (Michael James Gebis) writes:
I have recently read a variety of stories concerning COMPLETE virtual reality where the user has had an implant (or something, sometimes this is not very clear) in his brain which totally simulates all sensory input, and also receives all commands from the brain.

My question much information is this? How fast an interface would be required? Would a simple parallel port do, or are fiber-optics more realistic? Anyway, thanks.

Interface? To your Brain? A parallel port? Well _kind_ of
parallel, actually VERY parallel ... :-)



Are you tired of your old VR helmet? Is your data glove
touch feedback just not fast enough? Is the new Sco OS for
these systems still 4 releases behind everyone else?

Cut out the middle man! Spend no more money on high priced
equipment that only takes you half way there! Go all the way
and permanently embed yourself in Cyberspace with ...

1) Included are two complete, and replicateable nanofactories
with 50,000 Nanos ready to go to work on you.

2) Just add sugar/water and swallow.

3) Once ingested the systems will organize and gain access to
your nervous system spinal fluid.

4) Initial programming will create, almost overnight, 50 thousand
meters of super conducting fiber a couple of molecules in diameter
with almost 100 thousand terminal SQID detect/affect terminal pairs
in all vital cerebral areas.

5) As the system becomes functional a 50 Million cpu, micro-spark
system will be generated around the nanofactories. All brain
activity may then be mapped, modeled, recorded and shared
with your friends.

6) It doesn't stop here! Share the new bio-tech with your friends!
The software and bio-systems are fully redistributable using
the GNU Copyleft and Patentleft licenses.

Offer begins Oct. 2, 2150 ...

Notice how life imitates art, the new self replicating replicator is GNU licensed so you can share the tech with your friends.

I wonder how far away the DIYBAK really is?

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