Thursday, March 17, 2005

For Pete's Sake!

Oh fer Pete's sake. I'm watching C-SPAN Live and the government bullying the commissioner of baseball over an old draft version of some report. That's right, as if the government didn't have real work to do getting very worked up over ... a game.

Baseball is just a game. I don't care if all the players take muscle building drugs. Its a professional sport played by human adults. Athletes aren't horses they have informed consent about what they choose to do for training for their sport. They don't need the government telling them how to play.

This is a ridiculous waste of our time and money. For Pete's sake, please leave baseball alone.

The part that really irks me though is the baseball commissioner in the hot seat being bullied by a senator over whether or not he could get the initial draft of some report for the 'committee'. The Commissioner should be standing up and saying to the senator that it's none of the Governments business how baseball operates.

Face it, professional athletes take steroids, WWWF, NBA, NFL, Baseball, International Soccer (Football to everyone else). Nobody wants to pay big bucks to see pansies play sports, we want superstar gladiators.

So lay off already this is the way it is. Injectable steroids have been around since the turn of the century and have been taken by atheletes since that time. Perhaps the baseball commissioner could use some steroids so he could stand up to rabid senators better.

Personally I would like the governor of California's input, not because he might have used steroids at one time but because he actually might have an educated opinion on the subject from the perspective of being an ex-professional athlete.


By the way, steroid use is illegal. Congress butting into baseball will not change the fact that professional athletes use steroids and have always used foriegn substances to enhance their body building. It would be better and kill fewer athletes if the FDA deregulated steroid use so that medical professionals could help athletes use steroids safely, players could admit they used steroids, and Baseball could address this issue without the risk of sending their stars to jail.

It doesn't matter what laws you pass these guys will do what they need to do to maintain their edge and keep healthy. Do something useful, repeal the laws that are causing this problem and get out of the way.

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