Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Art Bell and the Demise of Coast To Coast Radio

Coast To Coast

I tuned in to George Noory last night for a moment (I’d noticed that some of the image captions for my meteor images had an incorrect SOLs so I was up late and thought I’d tune in.) In less than 30 seconds I was barraged by Georges apparently sincere belief that the end of the Earth was upon us, biblical signs were everywhere, and the rapture was nigh!

HOLY TOLEDO Batman!!! What drivel C2C has become since the departure of Art Bell. It's not supposed to be a Christian authoritarian promoter but it is. If I wanted to listen to this end of the world religious nonsense I'd tune to Jerry Faldwell radio.

As I remember Art years ago he was a fairly level headed, Libertarian minded, entertainment oriented host. His shows were for the most part listenable, except for the occasional Dr. Doom guest who is a ranting Christian “Raptureist”.

I want a rational Libertarian agnostic in charge of C2C again. I wonder if such a talk show host exists anymore. The closest would be Tom Leykis. He’s got his own better gig though. (Though he's proclaimed himself and Athiest, which is less wishy washy than being an Agnostic.)

The Tom Leykis Show.

I don’t like the doom and gloomers and I’ve got news for them all, including George Noory and Dr. Doom. The Rapture you are all looking forward too has already happened. God found eight, count them eight, worthy people and took them all off to a “better place” about 23 years ago. The rest of us are just going to have to fend for ourselves and make this world the best place we possibly can.

Hey are you listening late nighters, there is an opening for a new late night talk radio program to replace George and C2C.

Lets get on with it.

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